March 6-9th: Resolving Early Developmental Trauma - New Zealand

March 6-9, 2018
Fairfield House - 48 Van Diemen St, Nelson

Conception and Birth: Creating a Primal Template for our Life


This course is highly experiential and will provide an opportunity to experience the impulses and sequences that are established during conception, implantation and birth that form a template of our lives, physiologically, emotionally and mentally.

An overview of possible attachment styles and the resulting brain, nervous system and behavioural patterns will be delineated. Cranial and relational processes with adults and families with mobile children will be discussed and demonstrated through exercises and video.

- Experiencing the impulses that are associated with conception, implantation, and birth to assist with understanding how future behaviour can be impacted. How to work cranially with these impulses when they have been thwarted, and facilitate resolution and assimilation into healthy patterns of behaviour.

- Birth sequencing and its impact on our behaviour through our lives; how birth sequences in behaviour can be identified and modulated in the cranial space.

- Overview of Attachment styles with particular reference to toddler behaviour that may be encountered in your clinical sessions, and practical skills to incorporate into your work with these children.

- The role of the Amygdala, Insula, Cingulate Gyrus, and Prefrontal Cortex in emotional developmental patterning.

- This seminar will incorporate learning that will enhance participants skills to work in the biodynamic space where a hands on approach may well be limited with, for example, mobile children. Equally these skills are applicable to the “child” in each of your adult clients working with unresolved early developmental trauma in their adult lives. We will work with participants approach to the languaging and titration of treatment with their clients to ensure both the safety and empowerment of clients in accessing and processing historic emotional patterning into a greater expression of health.