About Module Five: Ancestral Double Binds

Double bind imprints create the most complex dynamics in the pre and perinatal period and beyond. They amplify counter transference/transference issues and complications in facilitating families, couples and groups. 


In this module, we will explore ancestral influences on individuation/connection, and merging dynamics (in pre and perinatal work we call this 'twin dynamics'). Twin embryonic and placental development, and prenatal twin loss are correlated with twin behaviour later in life. An extensive home project will be suggested for everyone. Treatment models will be explored.

Adverse childhood experiences usually started several generations before our birth in our family lineages, although a critical experience of our mother or father may have been the beginning.  We have already survived the ancestral double binds of our family and all the adverse experiences they brought to us.  You are alive, and possibly considering studying this module.  To know we survived all we did is a huge resource. 

When we are working with double binds we are working with paradoxes, confusions, a place where no direction looks good.

 There is a perception that there is more than one option, but all options have a negative impact, either on ourselves or someone else we care about. AND we have to make a choice.  These double binds have a life/death feeling to them.  There is no reasonable outcome. 

The key to finding our way, and helping others find their way, through ancestral double binds is truth telling, staying in connection and naming what we see or what is happening, in the form of an “I” statements.  We slow the pace, explore all facet of it, and decompress it.  In our family of origin this was almost always forbidden. Providing a safe place for children to do this is vital. 

Often, a second layer of support is necessary for anyone to move out of a double bind situation.

All of this helps us; helps children, because we are held in a nurturing way, to grow the neural pathways we need to self regulate.  We need to be held securely by someone before we can begin to differentiate, touch into our resilience, and then self regulate. Consistency, naming, truth telling and repair are essentials. 
We will spend time discussing making repair, how to do it effectively and when.  This is essential for human beings at this time.  


As the twin and multiple birth rate is continuing to increase this module also looks at twin pregnancy, the impact of losing a twin during pregnancy, and growing up as a twin.  I will delineate the difference between identical and fraternal twins, and because more twins mean more breech positions for babies about to be born we will also look briefly at breech birth.

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