14-17 June 2018: Advanced Cranial and Relational Skills w Babies and Families

Advanced Cranial and Relational Skills with
Babies and Families

In this modern world, a very high percentage of births involve drug and surgical interventions: inductions, epidurals, vacuum extraction, ceasarean sections.

These interventions tend to lead to difficulties in breastfeeding, because of impacts on the occipital base and the cranial nerves. BCST is a very effective treatment for these difficulties, as well as relational issues in the attachment process, which is also interrupted with these interventions.

Myrna has worked extensively with babies and their families, co creating resolution.

This class delivers in depth approaches for babies and families, which can change for the better, lifelong health.

With Myrna Martin
Friday thru Monday, 9:30am - 5:30pm
Another Space Studios
Vancouver, British Columbia