Womb Surround: 5 week Process Group
Jul 15

Womb Surround: 5 week Process Group

  • Hamilton Hill Australia

Experience Freedom from the impact of early life challenges that limit fully
being your authentic Self.

This safe, nurturing and experiential small group has only 5 participants
and runs for 5 weeks over 2 full days and 3 long half days in Hamilton Hill Western Australia.

Intro Price $475 (Save $125)

For more information Contact Jenie: jenieforpeace@gmail.com

Learn more about Jenie at: http://www.jenietaylor.com.au/about-me.html

Birthing Yourself Process Workshop in Charlottesville, VA
Jun 12

Birthing Yourself Process Workshop in Charlottesville, VA

  • Janet Evergreen

Workshop limited to 5 participants   
Cost: $500 + $45 for lunch and snacks

Brief Description of Event:

Participants have the opportunity to heal and re-pattern early experiences and bring this healing to their current primary relationships and life. Each participant has an approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hour session to explore her/his own physical and emotional patterns from prenatal, birth or early origin. Individual sessions are followed by a sharing of group members, integration and discussion.

This workshop is also helpful for professionals who wish to experience the profound changes possible with healing of prenatal, birth and attachment issues. This is directly applicable to most professional practices involving the healing arts. Participants need to arrange to attend the entire workshop as this is important for safety and security in the group.

Your Teachers:  

This class will be co taught by Janet Evergreen and Zakira Beasley.
Both graduates of PPN training with Biodynamic Approach to Craniosacral Therapy
and senior meditation retreat teachers.

CLICK HERE to Complete Registration



Venice Island, FL: Coming Into Being
May 7

Venice Island, FL: Coming Into Being

A Five-Day Process Workshop about Embodiment, Connection, and Being

Limit to 6 Participants                      Investment: $895,   $850 if paid in full by March 21           

If you are willing to dive deeper into your early imprints and patterning to experience greater health and resilience, come join us and:

  • Increase your awareness of the early, familial and generational influences in your life.
  • Experience what it takes to be in and support intimate connection with your Self and others.
  • Discover the power and potency of your deepest intentions.
  • Move, shift, and re-pattern deeply set beliefs, behaviors, and energies that no longer serve you.
  • Increase your capacity to live the life you want.     

For More Information Contact: 

Cynthia at cynthiacutting@gmail.com or call 917-902-6114

Kristin at kristin@consciousbeginnings.net or call 831-295-8384

Vitality, Clarity & Connection, Bay Area
Apr 23

Vitality, Clarity & Connection, Bay Area

  • Bay Area - Location TBA

A womb surround birth process workshop with Elsa Asher & Eileen Sendrey

Healing. Root cause exploration and mending. Community. Layers of support. Space for your own intention. Body-centered. Autonomy and choice honoring. Magic inspiring. Self-care promoting. Our approach is oriented to root cause and root healing, like functional and integrative medicine for the heart, mind, body and spirit.

The form of this work creates a safe, comfortable and responsive circle for you to set an intention and bring attention, awareness and support to an aspects of your life where you feel stuck. Through this process, with the participation of the group and skilled facilitation, you will discover how to transform and repair the pattern, and then bridge this to the rest of your life. 

This work is based in applied attachment theory, current research of understanding the brain and nervous system, mindfulness, principles of biodynamic craniosacral therapy, prenatal and birth psychology, and somatic trauma resolution.


Thursday, April 20: 6-8pm
Friday, April 21 & Saturday, April 22: 9am - evening
Sunday, April 23: 9am - midday


Bay Area, California - exact location TBA. If you have a space and would like to host us in exchange for partial trade, please email me!


Early Bird Rate (before March 1): $525
Registration (after March 1): $600
If you want to pay by check or cash there is a 5% discount, please email eileensendrey@mac.com for details.

Co-facilitated by Elsa Asher, MS, CD(DONA) and Eileen Sendrey, CMT. Read more about Elsa here. Read more about Eileen here.

NZ: Emergence Process Workshop
Apr 8

NZ: Emergence Process Workshop

  • KeriKeri New Zealand

Emergence Process Workshop

In this small, safe, group process gently meet and transform core issues that keep you from your true expression. 
Embody your life and living. 
Re-arrange negative life long patterns to find your YES!

Limit of 6 Participants                         Investment: $525NZ, Early Bird Discount Availalbe

Jenie is certified by Myrna Martin to facilitate Process Workshops. She utilizes Prenatal, Birth and Attachment Psychology, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic TraumaTherapy and Inquiry.  

Contact Jenie at: jenieforpeace@gmail.com

Sacred Alchemy for Women: Process Workshop-Nelson, BC
Nov 27

Sacred Alchemy for Women: Process Workshop-Nelson, BC

  • Nelson, BC Canada

November 25-27, 2016
Friday 6:30-8:30pm;                                                                                                         Saturday 8am-5pm (includes Women's Kundalini Yoga at the Moving Centre);                           Sunday 9am-5:30pm

Maximum 4 Participants    $299 (Sliding Scale Available)

Brief Description of Event:

Often much of what blocks us in moving forward in life comes from a very early place, sometimes before we have cognitive memory. The body has the capacity to remember, even when the cerebral memory does not. Through the catalyst of Kundalini Yoga and individual facilitated sessions within the group, each participant is guided to bring awareness to patterns (imprints) that are held in the body, acknowledge and bring acceptance to the impact of the imprint, and to find a new felt sense that can be anchored into your body and therefore integrated into your life as a way of being.
We create a strong, supportive container within the group of women; often beautiful bonds are formed; and we learn from each participant's process. Emphasis is placed on integration both during and after the workshop. It's wonderfully deep and somewhat magical work.


Deirdre embodies and holds the space through an integration of therapies, including kundalini yoga, pre/peri-natal psychology, biodynamic cranio-sacral therapy, and integrated body psychotherapy (IBP).


Contact Deirdre at:

deirdrecollier@shaw.ca  or phone: 250-352-3383

Bay Area: Process Workshop
Sep 18

Bay Area: Process Workshop

  • Bay Area, California

Join Sarah Theismann and co-facilitator Chanti Smith for a 3 and a half days Womb Surround Workshop.  You will have the opportunity to reconnect with younger parts of your self and the somatic, emotional and energetic imprints it still holds today.

Santa Cruz, CA: Process Workshop
Sep 4

Santa Cruz, CA: Process Workshop

  • Santa Cruz, CA USA

Led by Sarah Theismann and co-facilitator Scott Engler

The most effective way I have found to heal early imprints and find the way to authenticity and empowerment in the present are Womb Surround Workshops.

Bay Area, CA: Primal Sequence Workshop + Film Screening
7:00 am07:00

Bay Area, CA: Primal Sequence Workshop + Film Screening

  • private home San Anselmo, CA USA


How we do anything is how we do everything.

The Five Phase Sequence is a way of talking about time and space. It is a map for any experience, journey or action. It is a tool for being fully present in yourself throughout a process. In bringing attention to your own sequence, with support and resource, you will be able to clearly identify and shift patterns of stuckness or challenge, in any area of your life. By deepening your capacity to orient where you are in a process, you will find you have a greater sense of ease and choice. Learn more about the Primal Sequence project and view the film trailer!

This workshop is facilitated by Elsa Asher, and includes a screening of the film Primal Sequence, made by Elsa Asher and Cedar Ranney, and Body-Mind Centering developmental movement led by Chantia Smith. *Note: wear clothes that are comfortable to move in and bring a journal to write in.


10am - 6pm on Sunday, July 31, 2016 at a private residence in San Anselmo, California

Investment: $95. If a reduced rate is needed to attend, email elsa@elsaasher.com

Facebook Event - Please Invite Your Friends - Register now as space is limited!

May 30

Duncan BC: Thrive - Process Workshop

  • Duncan British Canada

"For many, many years and many therapies, I worked on the periphery of a severe traumatic event from when I was one week old. Not until I did a process workshop with Jenie, did I get to the core of the matter… "  Estelle S, elder, healer, pipe carrier.

Petaluma, CA: Process Workshop
Apr 24

Petaluma, CA: Process Workshop

  • Petaluma, CA USA

Led by Sarah Theismann and co-facilitator Scott Engler

Is there a pattern in your life that you want to change?

Have you been working on this pattern for a long time without making lasting changes, despite getting support from qualified professionals?