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Venice Island, FL: Coming Into Being

A Five-Day Process Workshop about Embodiment, Connection, and Being

Limit to 6 Participants                      Investment: $895,   $850 if paid in full by March 21           

If you are willing to dive deeper into your early imprints and patterning to experience greater health and resilience, come join us and:

  • Increase your awareness of the early, familial and generational influences in your life.
  • Experience what it takes to be in and support intimate connection with your Self and others.
  • Discover the power and potency of your deepest intentions.
  • Move, shift, and re-pattern deeply set beliefs, behaviors, and energies that no longer serve you.
  • Increase your capacity to live the life you want.     

For More Information Contact: 

Cynthia at or call 917-902-6114

Kristin at or call 831-295-8384