A minority of babies in our culture are currently birthed with no chemical or surgical interventions. Chemical imprinting includes prenatal drug exposure, anesthesia, analgesics, and induction drugs. Surgical imprinting refers to forceps, vacuum extraction, cesarean section, and other prenatal and infant surgery. We will explore the effects of chemical imprinting on the natural birthing process.  As well, Myrna will delineate the effects of surgical and chemical imprinting on prenates and babies' psyches, movement patterns, physical structure, energy patterns and the central and autonomic nervous systems. Healing tools will be discussed.


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All these exercises were designed to be done in a dyad, a triad, or small group.   If you are studying this material without a friend or small group you may want to experiment doing these exercises with ‘one or more non - PPN students” that you feel safe with.


In Module 5 we will work with Double Binds.  An essential understanding of double binds operating in our life is in our ancestral lineage.  I invite you to begin a significant exploration about your ancestors.  It is a wonderful idea to talk to older relatives (if they are available to speak with), parents, friends of your family to collect stories, as well as information about dates of births, deaths, and marriages.  You are looking for a felt sense of people’s experiences in your lineage.  Photos are great, if you can possibly collect them.  Try to find out what you can about birth stories in your family.  If you are adopted find out what you can about your birth family, and also your adopting family.   

You can look at a website like genopro.com and others like ancestry.com to help you track.   

In Module Five we will do an exploration of the patterns you discover.   

Make sure that you type your work and that it is double spaced . Put your name, module number and name of the home project, your Email address and date at the top of the page. Email projects to myrna@myrnamartin.net.


I'm available to do phone, or online consultations with you. These consultations are scheduled by appointment. My rate is $125 an hour.  These appointments are for the purpose of supporting you to find your way to and through your next steps personally and professionally.  

I encourage you to have support from your private therapist, esp. if they have a PPN background,  and other related health care support people. You deserve the support!  


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The Evidence for Skin to Skin Care after Cesarean

Vacuum Assisted Delivery Demonstration

Forceps Delivery Demonstration

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