We review epigenetics, and the effects of toxic stress on the prenate and infant in terms of brain and attachment development. Birth practices and their impacts, along with tools for supporting families in resolution are included. This is a really “RICH, BIG” module.


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The Modules forward will not have copious notes or home projects like the previous ones.  The information relevant to the topic is contained in the slides on the Video. There are however still interesting articles and references that are gathered and shared here on an ongoing basis.  See you on the support calls.  Blessings, Myrna


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I encourage you to have support from your private therapist, esp. if they have a PPN background,  and other related health care support people. You deserve the support!  


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Dropbox Articles - updated semi-regularly


New York Times: Heavier Babies do Better in School

When the Body Says No: Gabor Mate

How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime: Nadine Burke Harris

Zero to Three: The 'Missing' First Year - downloadable infographics

The Curative Touch of a Magic Rainbow Hug: Janet Courtney

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