Pre and Perinatal Professional Training and Education

Providing Professional Education For Facilitating Optimal Birth And Attachment, Resolution Of Issues From Preconception Through The Attachment Period For Babies, Children And Adults.

New Training: San Francisco/ Oakland, Fall 2018

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* An Introduction to Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Trauma Resolution or Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
* One Process Workshop with Myrna Martin
* A Complete Application Form
* Initial Payment

Professional Training Overview

* The first year establishes the foundational knowledge of health in the primal period. It includes a solid understanding of pre and perinatal psychology and health with effective tools to support clients and these issues. The second year will go into more depth and add breadth in specific areas.

* Trainees come from a very wide range of professional background and skills. They include craniosacral therapists, psychologists and other therapists working with families, couples, individual adults, medical and alternative health professionals and everyone associated with child bearing and early years.


* The training is highly experiential so trainees must be prepared to do their own early imprint resolution work, and connect with the underlying blueprint.

* Approximately 1/2 of the time in each module is experiential, and outside the training participants will do creative home projects, reading and process workshops.

Enhance Your Skills In:

  • Identifying your own early trauma and resourcing imprints so you can use these effectively and compassionately in the therapist role
  • Recognizing pre and perinatal imprinting in the body language, structure, movement patterns, personality and character structures
  • Relating the clients current experience somatically and emotionally to early imprints
  • Establishing and Maintaining healthy boundaries and self regulation in yourself and clients
  • Understanding the physiological basis of early trauma and the imprinting process
  • Tracking somatic, energetic and fluid rhythms as well as titration, resourcing to facilitate the resolution of pre and perinatal trauma


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