Option 3: Flash Drive for Modules 7-11, & Module 13


Option 3: Flash Drive for Modules 7-11, & Module 13

from 573.00

This option contains material for Modules 7-11, & Module 13

Over 110GB of study material on a flash drive in the form of 26 hours of videos along with notes, references and other resources will be mailed to you.

Group Support calls are not included and may be requested by clicking here.

Package Prices by Region:

BC Residents:  CA$616  (CA$550 + CA$66 GST/PST, Free Shipping)

Other CA Provinces: CA$577.50   (CA$550 + CA$27.50 GST, Free Shipping)

U.S.A. including Hawaii: $573  ($550 + $23 Shipping)

All Other Countries: $600  ($550 + $50 Shipping)


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