Option 5: Flash Drive for a Single Module


Option 5: Flash Drive for a Single Module

from 131.25

This option allows you to choose a single module from 1-9, 11-13 and receive video, notes, references and other resources on a flash drive mailed to you. CLICK HERE to purchase Module 10.


Group Support calls are not included and may be requested by Clicking Here.

Package Prices by Region:

BC Residents:  CA$140   (CA$125 + CA$15 GST/PST, Free Shipping)

Other CA Provinces: CA$131.25   (CA$125 + CA$6.25 GST, Free Shipping)

U.S.A. including Hawaii: $148  ($125 + $23 Shipping)

All Other Countries: $175  ($125 + $50 Shipping)


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