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Montreal, Quebec Canada Process Workshop

  • Montreal, Quebec Canada (map)

May 17-20, 2018

Pre and Perinatal Psychology  open to all disciplines who work professionally with infants, children, families and adults

To register, please contact Viviane Andros at

Maximum 7 participants. Cost $900


Myrna creates safety and a nurturing “womb surround” to do deep regressive work through establishing interactive, empathetic and contact principles for the participants so they can actively support each other throughout the workshop. Each participant has an approximately 1.5 to 2 .5 hour session facilitated by Myrna to explore her/his own physical and emotional patterns from prenatal, birth or early origin.

Each session is followed by a sharing of group members, integration and discussion. Participants heal and re-pattern early trauma and then bring this healing to their current primary relationships and life. Not all sessions involve prenatal/birth/attachment themes.  All sessions are unique and participants also do important work from other periods of their life.  Each participant's intention set for the workshop is the guiding theme for their session.

The goal of a Womb Surround Process Workshop is to support participants to heal and re-pattern prenatal, birth and attachment imprinting within a safe container. Connections are made with current themes and behaviors in the participant’s life. This workshop is helpful for professionals who wish to experience the profound changes possible with healing of prenatal, birth and attachment issues. This is directly applicable to most professional practices involving the healing arts.

Learn more and watch a short film about Myrna's Process Workshops!

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Please make all payments for Process Workshops payable to Myrna Martin.

The deposit for all workshops is $250, payable at the time of registration to secure your place in the workshop. The balance is due one month prior to the workshop. 

Receive a $50 discount if you pay in full at the time of registration and made one month or more prior to the workshop.

  • Cancellation a month or more before the workshop begins: $200 refund; $50 cancellation fee. 
  • Cancellation one month to two weeks prior the workshop date: a refund of $150 if the space fills, $0 if the space does not fill.
  • Cancellation two weeks before the workshop start date: a refund of $100 will be given if the space fills and $0 if it does not fill.

Exceptions due to immediate family serious illnesses can be discussed with Myrna directly.