Birthing Yourself Womb Surround Process Workshops

Myrna Martin Vancouver Canada healing early developmental trauma


Hold my hand
I’ll hold yours
Hearts in tow, we peer curiously around, then throw open the door to another reality and tip toe through
Time stands still
And we wait
Then gently and silently we plunge our hands into the past
Slowly, slowly extricating the sparkling jewel of the now
Your being is like balm for mine as we alter the fabric of life forever
I look up to see the future set free of the clenching grip of fear and confusion
Beams of our joy streaming in all directions
Sunshine melting our bones
And just then a mourning dove takes flight
Lifting with her the pure light of my heart

By, Julie Aha
April 25, 2016


To support participants to heal and re-pattern prenatal, birth and attachment imprinting within a safe container

Myrna creates safety and a nurturing “womb surround” to do deep regressive work through establishing interactive, empathetic and contact principles for the participants so they can actively support each other throughout the workshop. Each participant has an approximately 2 .5 hour session facilitated by Myrna to explore her/his own physical and emotional patterns from prenatal, birth or early origin. Each session is followed by a sharing of group members, integration and discussion. Participants heal and re-pattern early trauma and then bring this healing to their current primary relationships and life. Not all sessions involve prenatal/birth/attachment themes.  All sessions are unique and participants also do important work from other periods of their life.  Their intention for the workshop is the guiding theme for their session.  Connections are made with current themes and behaviors in the participant’s life. 

who is this for?

I have adapted your principles that you use in your womb surround process workshop in my new group. I use the language of the principles when participants are sharing. I have been able to introduce these healing constructs in mental health and addictions service.
The results have been mind-blowing!
— T.C. Therapist

This workshop is open to professionals and non-professionals who want to explore this area for personal growth. Professionals will benefit also by experiencing the pro found changes possible with this approach, and will find themselves integrating aspects of the work into their usual practice. Those who come with particular skills will be encouraged to use them in this group setting. Participants will leave with deeper levels of awareness, directly related to prenatal, birth and attachment processes. But most important is that participants often report that the biggest impact is more loving bonding within their primary relationships. This is directly applicable to most professional practices involving the healing arts.



  • experience interpersonal trust and safety

  • experience a commonality with others that enhances your sense of self

  • transform your intimate relationships through these new learnings as you take these new tools for being in positive intimate relationships into your everyday life

  • feel resourced and able to meet your life

  • discover your full aliveness that is part of your birth right

  • feel more at home in your physical body, and experience a deep felt sense of wellness and connection to flow

  • gently release prenatal, birth and early traumatic imprinting and understand the connection of this time to present day life


Description of the Form

This small group is important for creating the safety and attention to everyone’s needs; the most powerful transformation often happens in a small group setting. This is vital in doing personal prenatal, birth and early work.  Participants need to arrange to attend the entire workshop as this is important for the creation of safety and security in the group.  Participants are asked to leave the evenings free as we do not set a definite ending time. This is extremely important as the sessions can be variable in time, and we want the space to be with what wants to happen.  This allows us to flow with what time frame is needed and most appropriate in the individual sessions. The evenings are also valuable integration times. 

The group provides support to each participant to sustain the changes in an ongoing manner after the workshop is over. The time in the workshop and the follow up helps to integrate the material from your work and others’ work. The small group model integrates processes from energetic body work, biodynamic craniosacral, psychotherapeutic approaches like IBP (Integrative Body Psychotherapy), trauma resolution work and birth simulation. Each participant will have an opportunity to explore their unique intention for the connections to physical and emotional patterns of early origin.  The time allows space for integration of material from the sessions, and each person will receive a debriefing time, usually the day after their session, which further supports integration of the session.  

These intensives have two formats: 4 days for 5 participants or 5 days for 7 participants. 

THE principles used in a womb surround


Designed by Elsa Asher, MS, CD(DONA) - these principles were developed by Ray Castellino, DC (retired), RPP, RPE, RCST® and enhanced by Myrna Martin, MN, RCC, RCST® and their students.

I have learned so much in the intensive study with Myrna Martin concerning
pre and perinatal (PPN) development and birth. This experience has changed my professional life as I integrate more and more of the PPN work in my Jungian analytic practice. I have attended many training programs and have many degrees, however the work with Myrna is what has actually changed my life and my practice because
I am more “in” myself. I highly recommend her work.
— Barbara Hess Kovaz, PhD, LPC, LMBT

2019 workshops

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I have earned secure attachment.
Dating is easy, I know myself, I listen to myself, I am not afraid to love, nor am I afraid to be alone. I have friends, connections, love and a rich and wonderful life.
The gift of your work. So much gratitude!
— M.D. RCST, Healing Arts Therapist Oct. ‘15

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Follow up support and integration after process workshops can take the form of telephone or Skype sessions with Myrna, if the participant wants to have this support. Brief contact is covered by the process workshop fees but actual phone sessions will be at Myrna’s regular session fee costs. As of Jan. 1, 2019 Myrna’s rate for sessions is $150.  



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