Individual Counseling

Myrna offers early trauma resolution work with adults in the individual one-to-one session format, especially around prenatal, birth and very early experiences. She also works with women across the whole range of women’s reproductive issues, including: infertility, adoption preparation and support, pregnancy and child loss, abortion, prenatal or postnatal depression. She specializes in depression and anxiety treatment for women across the life span.  


Signs of Early Adverse Imprints in Adults

  • experiences of depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and other difficulties maintaining a positive mood, excitement and sense of self esteem and purpose in your life

  • difficulty forming and maintaining a healthy primary relationship with a partner

  • aggression that is acted out in destructive or criminal ways

  • excessive timidity in everyday life

  • inappropriate fight or flight or freeze responses in current non-threatening circumstances

  • difficulty mobilizing in the face of actual danger

  • difficulty in setting limits and boundaries

  • difficulty responding in compassionate, empathetic ways to self or others

  • confusion, difficulty with decision making

  • excessive risk taking behaviors, e.g. drug addictions, really extreme sports, risky sexual behaviors, dangerous driving

  • being irresponsible for one’s own physical safety

  • blaming or shaming others regularly as a way to cope with life

  • difficulty sequencing – intention, preparation, action, follow through, integration

  • difficulty establishing self as an independent adult in the world, with a support system

  • major difficulties in parenting that result in neglectful or abusive behaviors towards children


Benefits of Attachment Therapy for Adults

  • strengthen your sense of safety and resourcefulness in the world

  • resolve shock and trauma

  • re-pattern your basic template in life to more ease and grace daily

  • deepen your connection to your authentic self and those you care about in your life

  • enjoy your body

  • become healthier and happier

  • change mechanical or automatic patterns into creative choices

  • learn to cultivate healing time, stillness and spaciousness

  • change reactivity patterns in yourself and in your relationships into responsiveness

  • spend more time in the flow and less time in constricted states

  • identify and work with family of origin patterns so they aren’t running you today

  • deepen your ‘witness’ and your ability to choose

  • create space for empathetic responses to yourself and other people/beings

  • slow the pace so you can actually feel and integrate your life experiences


Book Your Session

Myrna offers in person sessions in Nelson, British Columbia, and sees many people over the phone or on Skype for people living all over the world. For more information and to set up an appointment, please call Myrna at (250) 509-1033, or email As of Jan. 1, 2019 Myrna’s rate for sessions is $150.

Resources for Attachment Therapy