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  This course is One Hour and 18 minutes in length and is available via eHealth Learning.  Click below to listen any time!

About this webinar

We are just beginning to understand the dynamics of long term couple relationships. The last decade has given us new knowledge about the psycho-biological processes and the reciprocity of early developmental relational experiences and our developing brain. Attachment theory and the neuroscience of emotional connection is shedding new light in this mysterious arena.


This webinar delineates the dynamics of couples interaction and suggests effective tools for working with these issues, in our own couple relationships and with our clients. These couple attachment issues often arise very dramatically in the child bearing year, and often, the first year of the baby’s life is the worst year of a couples life. Understanding what is actually going on here, can be very useful in our practices.


Helping babies and families after a difficult birth

  This course is 70 minutes in length and is available via eHealth Learning.   Click below to listen any time!

About this webinar

A minority of babies in our culture are currently birthed with no chemical or surgical interventions. Chemical imprinting includes prenatal drug exposure, anesthesia, epidurals, analgesics, and induction drugs. Surgical imprinting refers to forceps, vacuum extraction, cesarean section, and other prenatal and infant surgery.

Myrna will delineate the effects of surgical and chemical imprinting on prenates and babies' psyches, movement patterns, physical structure, energy patterns and the central and autonomic nervous systems. Practical healing tools will be delineated, particularly biodynamic craniosacral approaches and relational interventions. Video clips will be used to demonstrate.

Healing Early Developmental Trauma

Learn about Myrna's video training series with this brief webinar overview.

In this webinar, Myrna will be giving a brief overview of pre and perinatal psychology, how it enhances our clinical work and ways of working with mothers and babies.
Myrna Martin has recently completed a video series which synthesizes the content and curriculum of a 3-year professional in-class Pre and Perinatal training program that she has taught for 17 years.

She writes: 'After having had so many students tell me how profoundly the vital knowledge learned during their training had impacted their personal and professional growth, I wanted to be able to find a way to share it with a wider audience around the world who would otherwise not be able to attend the trainings in person, but could benefit tremendously’