Couples Counseling

Myrna sees many couples who want to work on reconnecting or deepening their relationship and learning effective communication strategies that support both their connection in their relationship and their individuation.  Myrna works jointly with Ken Martin, her husband of 35 years, as needed. 

In a couples session Myrna will provide a safe environment in which to do the following:

  • deepen the attachment bond between you

  • create a resonance of love and safety that will enhance and nurture both people

  • recommit to clear communication and clear boundaries

  • learn to safely express feelings with each other

  • learn to make requests effectively

  • learn tools to work through conflict without blaming and shaming each other

  • learn and practice the power of positive intention

  • learn to co create agreements rather than running old unilateral patterns of control

  • understand how each person’s early experiences are getting between you

  • learn and practice the tools needed to stay in present time and in the adult self

  • reconnect with or enhance feelings of love, appreciation and respect

  • develop effective co parenting strategies that both parents can support

  • learn to skillfully self-disclose in a way that your partner can take in your experience


Separation Counseling and Parenting Agreements

Myrna has successfully helped many families develop ways of co-parenting that promote the highest good for the children and the parents in families that are changing their form when the parents are uncoupling. She has a depth of experience working with parents who are co-parenting their children while living in separate households in a wide variety of new family structures. 


Book Your Session

In person sessions take place in Nelson, British Columbia. Phone and Skype consultations are available for people around the world. To schedule a session, please call Myrna at (250) 509-1033, or email As of Jan. 1, 2019 Myrna’s rate for sessions is $150.

Resources for Attachment Therapy