Professional Training and Support



Myrna offers clinical consultation and supervision, including personal consultation around early trauma issues and professional consultation related to your current clinical practice or prenatal-birth-attachment therapy work. Consultation and supervision is available in person, on the phone and Skype. Myrna also provides small group clinical consultation for 3-4 people. 


Process Workshop Practitioner Training

Process Workshop Practitioner Training is a specialized Birthing Yourself Process Workshop, in which a graduate of the Pre and Perinatal Professional Training has the opportunity to facilitate a session in a Birthing Yourself Process Workshop with support and enhanced feedback and supervision. The focus is to further develop your skills in small group facilitation with the direct guidance and support from Myrna. The lengthy follow up debriefing gives time examine the practitioner-in-training cognitive and somatic processes in depth, and Myrna will contribute her own cognitive awareness. During the debrief, the practitioner-in-training will discuss what worked for them, what was challenging, name the activations and counter transference that arose in the context of the session. Clients or participants in the Birthing Yourself Process Workshop are all graduates or students in the Pre and Perinatal Professional Training. This format is a profound opportunity to increase clinical competency as a practitioner.



Myrna teaches in the Body Intelligence Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Program. Read more about Body Intelligence and see a full list of upcoming training locations, including two trainings in British Columbia.


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