About Module Four: Chemical and Surgical Imprinting During Birth

A minority of babies in our culture are currently birthed with no chemical or surgical interventions.


Chemical imprinting includes prenatal drug exposure, anaesthesia, analgesics, and induction drugs. Surgical imprinting refers to forceps, vacuum extraction, caesarean section, and other prenatal and infant surgery. We will explore the effects of chemical imprinting on the natural birthing process. 

As well, Myrna will delineate the effects of surgical and chemical imprinting on prenates and babies' psyches, movement patterns, physical structure, energy patterns and the central and autonomic nervous systems. Healing tools will be discussed.

This module marks a big transition in this video series.  In the first three modules we were talking primarily about the incredible health in the system, and creating a platform for what is an optimal prenatal, birth and attachment period.  

Now we are beginning to look at adverse experiences and what it takes to build health back into the system after such experiences.  We need to keep remembering it is not what happened to us that defines us, we each have underlying health and resiliency when we are held in empathy and acknowledgment of what we experienced. 

 In Module One I included the Maternal Matrix, which outlines what we optimally would have received in an embodied way by the time we were three years old.

It is never too late to give this to ourselves or others.  This is a good time to check back and begin using this process if you are not already doing so.  It is helpful to be able to more and more differentiate our adult responses to the present moment from our baby/child responses.  Or recognize a child’s responses are arising from the experiences held in the implicit memory system.  
Researchers are telling us at least 90% of our behaviors arise from our unconscious emotional limbic system, where we store our earliest experiences.  We are bringing these to consciousness so they can be acknowledged, and we can bring consciousness to how we act.  Using our resources, decompressing our early adverse experiences, and differentiating from them empowers us, and allows positive change, in ourselves and people we work with.  

ve diagram

Chemical and surgical interventions, or the presence of them in our early life strongly and effectively take us out of our bodies and beings.  We will delve into the signature patterns of these interventions in our autonomic nervous systems.  Are your hands and feet cold?  Does your head feel hot?  Chemicals (drugs) affect motivational forces in us, take us out of our healthy sequencing, our intentions.  This module shows ways to help us stay in our bodies, in present time, and how to support others to do this. 

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