About Module Two: Preconception and Conception Journey

Each module of this video series begins with a body scan meditation, which is so helpful in self regulation of our nervous systems.  Then this module starts with an exploration of our inner and outer resources.  When we begin to reveal to ourselves all that babies and young children need and deserve to optimally grow and be themselves, it may bring up some of the experiences of what we didn’t get or wanted.  Resources and regulation is important so we are not overwhelmed. 

Just acknowledging what actually happened to us helps us to consciously repattern and make different choices….as we are soooooo much more than what happened to us.

Here we are bringing into explicit memory what was ‘hiding’ in our implicit memory and influencing our behaviour and beliefs about ourselves, in an unconscious way. So we are exploring how we came into human form, and the imprinting that we experience through that process.  I will be speaking from my belief that we are sentient beings from the beginning of our life on this planet, and we actually record, at some implicit level, all of our experiences. 

pregnant couple in sun

The embryology and imprinting in this period are delineated and related to attachment/self regulation and co regulation.  These experiences affect the way we embody ourselves, how we use our attention and our consciousness, how we pay attention to our body, experience our body from the inside out. One of the most fundamental skills in being a human being is having awareness of what we are doing with our attention and discovering the power of that awareness in relationship to ourselves and in relationships to other people.  If our attention is more in our own body, we will be more grounded and in the present moment, clearer.  

Are we oriented to the future or past or the NOW. This is the moment we have to grow, to heal. 

We will discuss skills of orienting, tracking and titrating autonomic nervous system cycling, modulating therapeutic pace, and recognizing the therapeutic leading edge. I will teach about recognizing trauma or shock imprinting in the macro and micro movement patterns, as well as at the relational and nervous system levels.  We will be amazed at the abilities we develop so young.  Establishing healthy differentiation and connection within a clear boundary structure will be part of the module.

I will show you how preschoolers express their prenatal time in sand play because this supports what we know about the development of the brain and nervous system and how implicit memory is recording our prenatal experience from a very young time.  We will cover the issue of healthy stress and toxic stress, and look at it’s impact on the developing autonomic nervous system and memory. Many processes for supporting yourself and others are included.  

If you decide to purchase this full series I look forward to sharing with you on the monthly support calls, or in a 1:1 supervision/consultation or session.

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