About Module One: Attachment

This 13 module video series is 78 hours of video, course notes, references, articles and other relevant resources, plus monthly online support calls.  
Module 1: Attachment.   Attachment is the scientific name for a biological communication system that gets set up between a baby and their family from the prenatal period through the first few years.  Yes, I mean from conception!  And now, with the science of epigenetics, we know the genome of the baby who is not yet conceived is also being affected by the experiences of the mother, father and grandparents.  


The attachment process sets up a template in each of us for lifelong mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.  It creates our relationship to ourselves,  to others, our capacity for learning, coping with stress, and also our immune system, cardiovascular, respiratory systems health.  

The GOOD NEWS is even if this is not optimal when it happens we can heal our body, our attachment wounds.  This module of this video series is 12 hours long, and details the attachment process, from pre conception to age 2.  There are live videos  and notes that show the different attachment styles so participants can recognize them in their clients and themselves.  

And best of all the series details how to support ourselves and our clients how to heal, at all ages, from difficult experiences. 

This particular video Module features the healing work with a 12 week old twin boy and his family, who had a very difficult birth, and refused to nurse.  You are invited into his family to observe his mother heal her disappointment from the C Section, and how he begins the healing process from the vacuum extraction AND forceps he experienced.  

If you decide to purchase the full series I look forward to sharing with you on the monthly support calls, or in a 1:1 supervision/consultation or session.

There is a video introduction to each of these 13 modules on this website: 

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