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Twin Dynamics and Co-Resonance with Renee Hella

  • Lillooet, British Columbia Canada (map)

Four Day Somatic Exploration with Renee Hella


July 20 - 23rd, 2018

A four-day somatic exploration in Lillooet, British Columbia.

Exploring and working with twin dynamics is a powerful way to learn how to work with our potent ability to resonate with each other. This dynamic shows up in so many ways including our shadow-side as well as in our gut-brain-microbiome interactions. We will be exploring how and if our concepts of boundaries are changing with our new understanding of ourselves as symbiotic beings.

CAD $700* (non-refundable deposit $70)
*Price includes one follow-up session which can be either a craniosacral therapy session or a Pre and Perinatal session over Skype

This is a largely experiential workshop and we will take time to integrate and process the material that arises from our experiences.

This is a very sensitive dynamic so care will be taken with accepting participants. Participants need to have a certain level of grounding and ability to be with difficult feelings.They need to be able to maintain a certain level of witness-self.

Participants will need to fill in an application form and do an interview either in person or via Skype to be approved to join the workshop.

Spaces are limited


Renee Hella is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy teacher and has been facilitating deep healing work for more than 15 years.
Renee’s work is a path of feeling her roots and grounding into her own body by continuously exploring how she can more fully embody her ‘Deeper Self’.
When supporting clients and groups she leans back into the support of the Earth and our ancient Grandmothers’.
This practice gives more depth, safety, wisdom and multi-dimensional support to the work the group does.